The Top 6 Accessories Your Truck Needs

March 27th, 2018 by Sara
The Top 6 Accessories Your Truck Needs
There aren't many things that feel better than owning a brand new or a new-to-you truck. And as women know, there is only one thing that makes a good thing better: accessories. I don't mean necklaces or a handbag, but the kind that make your truck even better, the kind of accessories that are just as tough as your new truck. I've talked to some professionals, and here are their recommendations on the best accessories for your truck.
  1. Tonneau Cover
    Whether you have a regular cab with almost no room behind the seats or the SuperCrew with a lot of room behind the front seats, a tonneau cover is incredibly handy. It gives you the ability to easily see out the back window just like usual, with the added benefit of knowing your cargo won't blow away. You have the option of many different styles, from ones that perfectly match your truck, to soft rolling, to the hard folding kind.
  2. Rock Shield
    No one likes a rock chip, especially not on their new truck. With rock shield, your truck gets protected from rock chips, bugs, road salt, oils, and bird droppings. It's customizable so you can determine what part of your truck you want covered, safe in the knowledge that the covered paint won't be harmed-or if it is, the paint chip and the rockshield will be fixed. Self healing, and equipped with a life-time warranty, it keeps your investment safe.
  3. Trailer Brake Controller
    Gain peace of mind when you're towing something heavy with the trailer brake controller. Some trucks come with it, but if yours doesn't and you plan to be towing heavy loads, it's really important to have. It helps slow your trailer down with the truck so that you don't need to worry about the trailer colliding into the back of your truck if you're going down a steep hill, or simply coming to a stop on the highway.
  4. Vent Visors
    These handy little gadgets make it possible to get some air in the truck without letting any of the elements in. On hot summer days you can leave the windows down just a bit without giving anyone access into the vehicle, or when you're driving in the rain and want the windows down a bit, you don't have to worry about getting rained on.
  5. Cab Steps/Running Boards
    It's just easier to get in when there are cab steps. With the power running boards, you only have to have them out when you need them, and they fold back up and hide under the truck when they're not in use. Available in everything from chrome, to black, to power deployable, you can find a style to compliment your truck.
  6. Mud Flaps
    Keep off the mud and rocks with mud flaps. From chrome and black, to flat black, to ones with a company's logo, you can find a style to jazz up your truck while keeping it a little bit cleaner.