Check Your Engine Oil and Filter
Old engine oil is less effective as a lubricant and can cause your engine parts to rub together and eventually break down. Your oil filter also builds up with dirt and debris, so it is important that you check your oil and filter regularly to make sure that your vehicle is running optimally. Oil changes can be difficult to do at home without the proper tools, so if you are unsure of anything it is always a good idea to stop by your local dealership and have a professional do it for you. If you switched to a lighter oil for the winter, don't forget to change to a more viscous oil for the warmer months.
Check The Windshield Wipers
IFunctioning windshield wipers are important for removing debris from your field of view and integral to safe driving. The cold temperature and ice can wreak havoc on your wipers, so check for any cracks and that they maintain full contact with the windshield. Also make sure that your washer fluid reservoir is full, and it doesn't hurt to have a backup just in case.
Check The Lighting
This one can be easy to forget, but it can prevent future accidents before they happen. Walk around your vehicle and check to make sure that all of the lights are working, as well as the interior lights.
Check The Battery
Another engine component that takes a beating over the winter is your car battery. You can look at the battery for yourself and make sure that all of the connections are clean. A technician can check that the battery is still working well, and if it is older than five years you may want to consider replacing it.
Check The Tires
The spring is a perfect time to check all of your tires- including the spare. You should check your tire pressure monthly and ensure that the levels are maintained at those specified by your vehicle's owner manual. Also check your tires for any uneven tread wear or obvious signs of damage, and replace them if necessary.
Get Your Vehicle Tune-up at Island Ford in Duncan, BC
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