Are Your Brakes Performing Like They Should?

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How Your Braking System Works
The braking system in a vehicle is an intelligent combination of a few simple components that work together in harmony with one goal in mind - bringing your car to a stop when you apply your foot on the pedal. So how does it work? Pushing down on a brake pedal engages series of levers and rods that connect with a power booster that uses either engine vacuum or a hydraulic pump to harness the force generated to a master cylinder. The master cylinder transfers this energy into pushing brake fluid through its lines to hydraulic calipers and wheel cylinders. The pressure then helps create friction between the brake pad and the wheel to gradually bring the vehicle to a stop.
How Brakes Wear Down
Brakes will wear down gradually over time just from being used. They generally only need to be changed out every 80,000 KM of driving, however this number can vary greatly depending on driving habits and environmental variables. Avoid resting your left foot on the brake while accelerating or coasting as even a slight amount of pressure on the pedal will engage the brake pads to some degree and allow them to wear down. Some other symptoms that you may be ready for a brake service might include slower response times or grinding sounds.
Get Your Brake Service at Island Ford in Duncan, BC
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Brakes are your vehicles first line of defense against protecting you and your passengers from a collision or otherwise unwanted event on the road. Keeping them in good condition isn't difficult and it's monumentally important for the overall health of your vehicle. Brakes wear down gradually over time from consistent use, so it's really important to make sure everything in your brake system is in shape. Canadian winter roads can be icy and we all know they get wet in the summer too, it's always a good idea to have your brakes in top shape regardless of the season. For your peace of mind, get your brakes serviced at Island Ford. Visit us at 6456 Norcross Road, Duncan, BC V9L 6C5 or give our service department a call at (778) 401-9714 for more information.

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