How Not To Worry About Your Vehicle When Your Kid’s Driving: MyKey

January 2nd, 2017 by Sara

How Not To Worry About Your Vehicle When Your Kid's Driving: MyKey
The moment comes in parent's lives when not only do you teach your kid how to drive, but you let them practice on your vehicle. No, nothing could possibly go wrong. Of course they'll wear their seatbelts, and stick to the speed limit.
Not so sure? Ford's MyKey may be the solution. You don't have to set it up, but if you do, here's what you can expect.

The Facts:
All MyKeys will have the same settings. If you are in a vehicle with push button start, and both the admin key and the MyKey are in the vehicle, the vehicle will default to admin settings. When you buy a new vehicle, both keys are set to admin. You can check how many Km have been driven with a MyKey, and how many MyKey's you have created using the menu on the dash of the vehicle. There are standard features that any key that is set as the MyKey-instead of the admin key-will have. You must always have at least one key set to Admin.

The Unchangeable Features:
These features will always be applied to a MyKey.

  • The audio will mute and the belt minder will go off until both front passengers buckle up.
  • The low fuel alert will turn on sooner, giving you more time before you HAVE to fuel up.
  • Driver assist features will be forced on. This can include Blind Spot Information System, or parking aids.
  • If equipped with satellite radio, restrictions on adult content will be turned on.

The Customizable Features:
These are the features that you can decide whether you want to activate or not.

  • You can set a speed limit. By setting this limit, a tone will go off when the driver reaches this speed, and even putting their foot to the floor will not override the limit.
  • You can set speed minders. A message will be displayed when the driver gets to this speed, but they will be able to go faster than these speeds. They just keep the driver aware of how fast they're going.
  • The audio system can be set to a maximum volume of 45%, and a message will be displayed if they try to exceed this volume. Speed-sensitive and/or speed-compensated audio will be disabled too.
  • Turn Advance Trac or Traction Control, 911 Assist or Emergency Assist or Do Not Disturb to always on. This means that the driver can not disable them.
MyKey is standard on the 2017 Fusion, Escape, Explorer Expedition, and is available on most other Ford vehicles.