How do you want to drive your F-150?

April 24th, 2018 by Sara
Unless you put in a ROUSH SuperCharger engine, your F-150 probably doesn't roar to life the same way that a mustang would. With the 2018 F-150, you can feel more in tune with your truck similar to the way you would a manual Mustang GT.
The F-150 isn't getting a manual transmission, but you will have the ability to select different drive modes so that you can get the most out of your F-150.
Note: Not all drive modes and steering wheel modes may be available in your specific truck.
Drive modes can be activated from the shifter. If the shifter is part of the steering column, the button is located at the end of the shifter. If the shifter is in the center console, the button (D/M) is located at the base of the shifter on the same side as the select shift buttons (+/-).
Drive Modes
Normal: The comfort and handling you expect from your F-150, no compromises
Tow Haul: Improves transmission operation when towing a heavy load.
Snow/Wet: Tackle the snow and wet with a vehicle that is tuned for more traction at lower speeds, and stability at higher speeds.
EcoSelect: If fuel economy is all you care about, this is the mode for you. There is a trade-off with performance and comfort.
Sport: Take the truck off-road and throw it into sport mode, which tunes the vehicle response for max off-road performance.
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