Ford Tech Makes it Easy to Find the Perfect Seat

June 5th, 2018 by Sara
When I drive a vehicle, people worry about what would happen to me if the airbag went off: I am that close to the steering wheel! On the other hand, if anyone else drives the vehicle after me, they have a hard time getting in. Ford has a couple of features that make it easier to share the driver's seat.
The Adjustable Seats:

Depending on the trim level, you can find either manual or power seats. Some vehicle will have a mix of the two. Some mustangs have a manual seat back, no lumbar, but you use power to move the seat forward/back. 10-way power adjustable seats allow you to use power to move the seat back, adjust the lumbar, and you have the ability to move the physical seat forward/back, the back of the seat up/down and the front of the seat up/down.
Power Adjustable Pedals:
On models like the F-150/Super Duty/Expedition, you can find power adjustable pedals. This allows you move the pedals forward or backwards.
Tilt/Telescoping/Power Steering Wheel:
Whether you sit in a Fiesta or an F-150, your steering wheel will both tilt and telescope. On higher trim levels of bigger vehicles (Edge Titanium for example), you can get a power tilt/telescoping steering wheel.
Easy Entry/Exit:

This system, when turned on, can move the seat back by up to 2 inches to make it easier to get out. It activates when the ignition is turned off. When you turn it back on, it will slide back into the last seating position it was in.
*This can be turned off in vehicle settings under dash options.
Memory Seats:
Overcome the height difference with memory seats. Depending on what your vehicle is equipped with, memory seats can remember
  • Power seat position
  • Power steering wheel position
  • Power pedal position
  • Power side-mirror position
For up to 3 people, depending on the vehicle. To set a preset, first set your mirrors, seat, pedals and steering wheel so they are exactly where you want them. For vehicles with the "set" button you will need to press set until you hear the tone, then press the number of the preset you want to assign. There should be a pop-up on the dash display to let you know you were successful. For vehicles with three presets, get comfortable and then press the number of the preset you want to assign until you hear a tone.
Even better, have your Ford recognize you before you get in. You can sync your seating preset to your specific key fob. This feature is only available on vehicles with intelligent access and memory seats. To accomplish this turn the vehicle on and move your seat into the perfect position.Once you're happy, press and hold the preset button until you hear the second beep. Within three seconds, press the lock button on your key fob. To undo this, press and hold the preset button until the second tone sounds, then press the unlock button on the key fob.
*If both keys with a synced seating preset are within range, it will default to the presets associated with the key that had the preset set first.
Now, get comfortable with these features:
Massaging Seats:

High-end Ford models, like the Platinum F-150/Super Duty or Explorer can be equipped with Multi-Contour front seats with Active-Motion: "massaging seats." They are activated by pressing the button in the middle of the lumbar adjustment, and you can adjust them either by using the lumbar control or by using the touchscreen.
Heated And Cooled seats:
Once you have found your perfect seating position, you can worry about being the right temperature. You can get heated seats on most models. Further upgrading can usually include a heated steering wheel. Higher trim level, larger vehicles (like an Edge Titanium) may also have cooled seats. An additional feature you can find in some vehicles is rear heated seats.
Not all vehicles will offer all of these features, but if you would like to see them in action, you can book a test drive online, or stop by the dealership to get a demonstration.