Island Ford’s Giving Plan: Cowichan Green Community

As part of our giving initiative for 2017, the staff at Island Ford have chosen 15 different community organizations to support both financially, and with our time. The next organization that we are featuring is The Cowichan Green Community Society.

The Cowichan Green Community Society focuses on environmental sustainability in the Cowichan Valley. This is their 13th year in operation. Since 2007, the focus of this organization has been geared toward improving food security. They believe in developing strong relationships with local food producers with the intent to increase urban food production.

One of their programs, FruitSave, helps both people with excess fruit growing on their property and people that need food. Volunteers help to pick fruit, with the harvest split three ways: between the volunteers, the owners of the plants, and the food bank. To inspire the younger generation, Kin Park Youth Urban Farm equips young people with the skills to grow and operate sustainable agricultural based businesses.

These initiatives and more, help ensure that fresh, local produce is available throughout the Cowichan Valley. They have also developed the Cowichan Food Security Plan in order to raise awareness of where our food actually comes from. The Cowichan Green Community is working towards a future where Cowichan Valley is a 'food secure community'.

Join Island Ford in our volunteer efforts Saturday June 3rd from 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm at Kin Park, in Duncan. We will be assisting The Cowichan Green Community Society with rebuilding raised garden beds. The produce grown in these garden beds will be provided to the local Food Bank. Those in need will have access to vegetable options!

Please follow the links below if you want to learn more about this incredible, local organization, the programs that they offer, or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer.

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