Island Ford donating to the Alzheimer's society Georgina Fault Music Trivia fundraiser

We value the community that supports us - that's why we're committed to giving back in a big way. Starting in 2017, we gave away $50,000 to 15 different charities. In 2018, we doubled the budget to $100,000. In 2019, we kept the amount the same, but we did a little bit more. We could be seen around the community participating in Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Cowichan Valley's annual Bowl for Kids Sake, hosting NEED for FEED, and filling the bed of a 2019 Ranger (Fill the Ford) with food, jackets and toys. Oh, and we came 3rd from last in the annual Georgina Falt Memorial Mind Games Music Trivia night. Thank you to all of the charities of the Cowhichan Valley that are making a big difference in the lives of community members. We are so happy we can support you, and look forward to working with you again in 2020.

Bowl for kids sake 2019
It was our pleasure to join Big Brothers Big Sisters again this year for their annual Bowl For Kids Sake event at the Duncan Bowling Alley. The theme this year was Awesome 80's, and we had an awesome time!

Need for Feed 2019
Need For Feed was a blast! We had tattoos, monster truck rides, haircuts and some really really good food! The money raised from the event went to Nourish Cowichan. We were also able to give money to Diabetes Canada (thanks for the lemonade!) and the Cowichan Intercultural Society

Fill the Ford 2019
We Filled the Ford, with your help of course. We donated food for every vehicle sold, and then our staff also brought in toys and jackets. It was a huge success, and paired with our monetary donation, we were able to give a lot to the Basket Society more than 20 pallets of food this year.

See where it all began with our 2017 Island Ford Giving Plan Recap. Not only were we able to give back a lot of money, but we had a lot of fun doing it. From pirate bowling with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Cowichan Valley to a masquerade with the Cowichan Valley Women Against Violence, it was truly a year to remember.
2017 Island Ford Giving Plan Recap