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2021 F-150

2021 Ford F-150

The Wait Is Over

The Ford F-150 has been an icon for almost 100 years, and the best selling truck in Canada for more than half a century. You don't achieve icon status by maintaining the status quo, and Ford knows that. July 25th at 5PM PST, we introduced you to the new 2021 F-150. It's American Made and ready for every adventure on and off-road. Did you miss it? Watch our 10 minute all you need to know video by clicking the graphic below.


2021 F-150 10 minute Reveal

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2021 Ford F-150 King Ranch Sync 4


The Highlights

Ford didn't sit at a drawing table and design a truck they thought you'd like. The 2021 F-150 is made for you. The F-150 team took the time to get to know the people who are buying and using the truck. Capable, Durable, Reliable: Built Ford Tough. This generation of the F-150 knows what you need from your truck and is ready to deliver.

2021 Ford F-150 Platinum


The F-150 may be keeping its military-grade aluminum body, but all of the exterior body panels are brand new. Additionally, the stance is more grounded and has been widened by 3/4 of an inch. Even with a more pronounced beltline and larger wheel wells, the 2021 F-150 is more aerodynamic. Now let's talk about the numbers

11: the number of grilles offered across the lineup.

13: the number of wheel options.

6: the number of engines available. This includes the all-new 3.5L PowerBoost hybrid engine.

12,000 pounds of max towing capability with the PowerBoost engine.

1100 + KM range on a single tank of gas with the PowerBoost engine.

The redesign is targeting best-in-class towing, payload, horsepower and torque, but numbers have not been released yet. We did get numbers for Pro Power Onboard which is an onboard inverter built into the truck. There are two options including a 7.2 kW option and a smaller 2.4 kW option which is standard with the hybrid engine. If you don't want the hybrid F-150, a 2.0 kW inverter is offered for the other engines excluding the 3.3L V6 and 3.0L diesel.

2021 Ford F-150 King Front Face

Innovative Features

Whether your truck is your second home, your office, or you copilot on every adventure, these features make the F-150 even more capable.

Max-recline seats:  Sometimes you just need to sleep in your truck. The new front seats fold down almost 180-degrees with the seat bottom folding up to meet the seat back and provide a first-class sleeping solution right in your truck.

A new work surface: Do you need a second desk in your truck? With a shifter that can fold down and an armrest that can fold flat, working, or eating, in your truck is more convenient.

More storage: There is no compromise on the flat load floor, in fact, there is now a little bit more! With a folding-flat under-seat storage box you will gain a few more inches of load floor, but you are also gaining a lockable storage solution with dividers for mixed storage.

Longer running boards: The running boards are smarter with a new feature that has the power running boards lower when you approach the truck with a key in your pocket, or you have a foot-activated kick switch. These features were designed to make it easier to get into the bed, which is why the running boards are longer now too.

Put the tailgate to work: The hub of the job site, the tailgate now has areas for writing, cutting, measuring, recesses for C-clamps, tie-down loops and ruler marking in both imperial and metric. There's a spot for your coffee cup too to keep it safe from spills and within arms reach.

Trailer reverse guidance will now be available on the F-150: using multiple camera views it works to make it easier to maneuver your trailer. Pro Trailer Backup is still offered.

New Technology

The F-150 was designed to work for you. The technology enhancements make it easier to get where you're going, and safer for everyone on the road.

SYNC 4: Get the truck you want with the tech you want. Standard on the F-150, SYNC 4 has improvements over SYNC 3 that include upgraded maps, and real-time traffic updates. By using a conversational style of speaking, SYNC 4 should make it easy to use as soon as you get it. Leave the cords behind, SYNC 4 will now wirelessly connect to your smartphone for AppleCarplay and Android Auto integration. Finally, don't worry about taking your gloves off: the screen will still be usable even if you keep your work gloves on.

12" display: The touchscreen is gaining 4 inches on its predecessor so that everything you need to see is within reach and just a button-press away. This larger screen will be standard on more than half of the lineup while the other half receives the 8" screen.

Over-the-air-updates: these won't just be for your maps anymore. Over-the-air-updates will now include predictive maintenance and feature upgrades. Don't worry about your F-150 taking forever to update either as Ford promises that the updates will be seamless and in most cases instantaneous.

Active Drive Assist: While hands-free driving is not new, it hasn't been done on a full-size pickup before. The F-150 will offer Active Drive Assist which will allow the truck to take over driving on certain stretches of divided highways across North America.

Intersection Assist: This class-exclusive technology is designed to keep you safe when making a left-hand turn in an intersection. The 2021 F-150 will apply the breaks if it detects a possible collision.

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